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Handbook of Quality of Life in African Societies
Eloff, I. (Ed.) (2019). Handbook of Quality of Life in African Societies.International Handbooks of Quality of Life Series. Switzerland: Springer. Pp. 458. eBook ISBN 978-3-030-15367-0 - Hardcover ISBN 978-3-030-15366-3

The Handbook of Quality of Life in African Societies edited by Prof. Irma Eloff, presents chapters written by various authors that illustrated the different African´s realities: social relations, interconnectedness, conversations, community participation, resilience, digital and mobile games, economic growth, the well-being of different groups: women, children, adolescents, indigenous groups; health´s problems as malaria, AIDS, HIV, malnutrition, food security, psychosocial development, emotional intelligence; education as teaching in multilingual contexts, literacy in vulnerable communities, teacher´s QOL and teachers training in programs to improve education. The last chapter was written by the editor and presents a collection of mini-narratives which show the discourses about QOL in Africa. This handbook is an original piece which allows the readers to understand the complexities of QOL in Africa and at the same time the potentialities of the people of this continent for the construction of solutions to their problems.